Comfort Control

Have an old, out-of-date thermostat and need to bring your house up to code? We install and reprogram thermostats, keeping you in control of your home climate.

In today’s market, you have options.

Manual Thermostats
You can keep it old-school with a Manual Thermostat. These require a bit more day-by-day attention to maximize energy efficiency, but are easy to use for all ages. Manual Thermostats are especially of importance for those of us that aren’t computer savvy, but still would like to keep an eye on their energy usage.

Programmable Thermostats
Programmable Thermostats are popular due to their easy operation and automatic temperature adjustments throughout the day, maximizing efficiency. Some advanced models automatically change over to heating or cooling settings based on seasonal transitions. Most Programmable Thermostats allow you to input several programs based on your schedule – individual days, weekdays, weekends, etc., so that you can easily plug in your needs.

Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostats
Wi-Fi Thermostats are easily becoming the most popular kind of thermostat to have in your home or business. These allow you to adjust and view temperature controls from the convenience of your computer, smartphone, or tablet – all in real-time.

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